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"Bet to jet, no regret!”

June 1st - Aug 31 2024

Prize pool: 2,500,000 EUR

Daily prize payouts will take place from June 1st  - Aug 31st, 2024.

There is no minimum bet amount for participation in the promotion.
To participate in a daily tournament a player should follow 2 requirements:
1. In the 1 Stage  player must make at least one bet with an NFT aircraft in 24 hours.
2. In the 2 Stage player must claim a reward if he has had one active. When an aircraft wins the daily tournament the amount of those winnings will depend on its overall game experience. The more game experience an aircraft has the larger their reward would be.

The reward distribution takes place every 24 hours at 19:00 UTC.

Each bet will bring the player points equal to the bet amount. Points will be summed up and displayed in the score table.

The score table will be displayed in the Aviatrix game interface and updated in real time.

If several participants listed in the score table have an equal number of points, the highest position will be taken by the participant who scored points earlier than others.  

To participate in the promotion, one user can use only one game account, but an unlimited number of NFT aircraft.

The selection of winners and the distribution of cash rewards will take place daily at 19:00 UTC and will consist of two stages.

The greater the amount of game turnover, the greater the chances of winning.

For the period of each competition, the minimum turnover (minimum bet) made by one of the aircraft is equal to one chance (ticket). The chances of all other participating aircraft are proportional to this minimum turnover.

After passing to the second stage, all participants will receive winnings, the amount of which will depend on the overall gaming experience of the participant (total amount of bets). The more gaming experience an aircraft has, the greater its cash reward.

 In order to receive a cash prize, the user must click on the "Claim Prize" button, after which the winnings will be credited to the user's account.

Cash prizes do not require wagering and can be used to play the game or withdraw.

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