Evoplay Game Provider - Review

Evoplay is a sought-after company regardless of the fact that it penetrated the industry in the year 2003. The main reason behind its success is the fact that it attained the type of influence required to be a key online gaming software provider through fruitful partnerships and increasing its product portfolio.

The games that Evoplay diligently churns out exude unrivalled quality alongside production values. Additionally, the firm is located within the borders of Curacao and also holds valid licensure from this jurisdiction. Nevertheless, Evoplay is a global producer whose focus surpasses the generic slot machines and has notably evolved since its operations commenced.

To date, Evoplay Entertainment has offices in Germany, Malta, and Ukraine. Punters can find the games as well as the software in gaming sites which have made it a top priority to avail as many game offerings as possible. The company has also made its way to the middle-ranked gambling websites and thereby has more presence in the sector.

Features of Evoplay Games

There are a plethora of reasons as to why Evoplay games are increasingly popular amongst players worldwide, for example, its features, as discussed below.

  • Excellent Graphics and Soundtracks: The team churns out games that not only exude 3D visuals but also a solid storyline and appropriate soundtracks.
  • Mobile Friendliness: The vast assortment of games from this provider is compatible with a broad range of tablets and smartphones. Hence, this makes the gameplay encounter convenient for punters as they can relish the thrill while on the move.
  • Numerous Paylines: In all slot games, paylines refer to the lines on which players receive their respective payouts based on winning sequences. To that end, Evoplay slots have numerous paylines, for example, as seen in the Football slot machine which has 243 paylines. As such, this furnishes players with more chances of winning.
  • Simple Integration: As you know, an easy API is a key ingredient for a successful business. Therefore, in addition to the creation of games, Evoplay does the hosting. In turn, this causes the easy integration of the games into current platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, to mention a few. Hence, this makes them flexible.
  • Lightness: The games are light. Therefore, they load swiftly with no lagging.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): Each of the available games contains an authentic RNG which in turn means that there is no form of preconception or rigging taking place among participants. Hence, the games are honest.
  • Multilingual: Since the games cater to a myriad of players across the globe, it should, therefore, come as no surprise that they are offered in a total of six languages, including English.
  • The Request Feature: If as a player has a unique concept for a new game, then he/she can make the respective suggestion to Evoplay. As such, the games are customized in accordance with customers’ specifications.
  • Robustness and Reliability: Evoplay constantly strives to establish an environment of fairness and safety for its users. Thus, its games exude robustness, dependability and are trouble-free.
  • HD Quality: The games offer players HD quality, thereby stepping up the video effects alongside animations is a huge advantage. Currently, only a coterie of gambling software developers boasts this feature.
  • Adaptability: The games are designed in a way that they can quickly adapt to almost any devices on which a player chooses to play. Hence, the games function seamlessly on nearly all gadgets.
  • The management of free wagers: Users have the flexibility of customizing wager values (minimum bets, maximum wagers, and more) of the Evoplay games as per their preferences. 

Types of Evoplay Games

Based on players’ gaming preferences, as is the case with other software developers, Evoplay also categorizes its broad range of games into different categories, as outlined below.

Instant Games

Just as the name depicts, these are games which can be played instantly without the hassle of downloading and installing any additional software onto your respective device. They are also known as No-Download games. Hence, they offer punters with immediate access to the game features within a few clicks within their web browser. Some of the Evoplay Instant games include High Striker; Roll the Dice, Thimbles, E-Tracer, Heads and Tails, Four Aces, and Red Queen.

Five-Reeled Machines

These are the games which comprise five reels, for example, the Football slot.

Seven-Reeled Machines

As the title indicates, these types of games contain seven reels. Some examples include Epic Gladiators and Candy Dreams.


Evoplay games can be categorized as per the number of paylines available. For example, from as few as 9 paylines, as seen in the Emperor’s Tomb title, and the renowned Legends of Ra, to as many as forty and 720, as is the case with Necromancer and Candy Dreams, respectively.

Table Games

Those who have a preference for this category of games will be marvel at the available options from Evoplay.

  1. American 3D Roulette- The outlook is indeed the highlight of this game which players indulge in on one screen. Additionally, the layout exudes user-friendliness coupled with intuitiveness. The wheel is large and is also in 3D. While the game has slightly more demands regarding the software, it is nothing that a modern machine is incapable of handling.
    With the American counterpart, the wheels contain an extra Double-Zero Pocket. Given that the game is in 3D, the wheel is highly detailed, which means that punters can immensely enhance the performance features. Moreover, there is the ‘Fast Play’ alternative for players who wish to get past the spinning sequence.
  2. Lucky Sevens Blackjack: While it is strikingly similar to the conventional Blackjack game, it contains an extra side bet that is quite profitable for participants. The table contains three playing positions with users have the flexibility of partaking in as many as they wish, on each deal. The table, as well as the card backs, tend to have customization to the colours and logo of the casino in question.
  3. Oasis Poker: It is a variation of Caribbean Stud Poker which permits users to replace the unwanted cards. On top of that, the user competes with the house via the usual deck of 52 cards.
  4. Baccarat: It is a card game of comparisons between two hands; that of the player and that of the banker. Every round of gameplay has three possible results; the player (has the greater outcome), a tie between the banker and the player, and thirdly, the banker emerging as the winner.

There are also imaginative slot games which employ kooky characters, for example, Gypsy Rose, Weekend in Vegas, and True Sherriff.

If you gravitate more towards wagering on table and card games, then you can indulge in different variations of Roulette alongside Blackjack. As such, they include European Blackjack, English and French Roulette.

Lastly, video poker enthusiasts have not been excluded from the wealth of excitement. Therefore, they can take their pick from an array of betting limits on Aces and Faces, Jacks or Better, and Deuces Wild, among others.

Live Gameplay

Hosted by a mélange of welcoming croupiers, there are a few live casino games ranging from Live Roulette to Live Blackjack, both of which are accessible to users, round the clock.

Do you need to avail any documents to play at the casino?

Yes! In accordance with the stipulated rules and regulations, the staff members can request necessary documentation for the validation of its punters’ identity. If for some reason a user is unable to provide the requested documents, the site has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend his/her account until further notice.

How does a player make a deposit?

For the replenishment of your account, all you need to do is head over to the ‘Cash Box’ section and select any of the available banking methods. They include e-wallets, debit, and credit cards.

How does a member select a favourite game?

A user can type in his/her preferred game from Evoplay among other developers and proceed from there.

Closing Remarks

All in all, when it comes to web-based gaming, Evoplay  is undoubtedly one of the sharks in the business. Other gaming providers can certainly learn a lot from this master of captivating games, more so those found.

The technology that Evoplay employs has players singing praises once they get a taste of the groundbreaking video slot machines and other games. Hence, entertainment cannot get any better!

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